DIY Golden Candle Jars

I saw this super cute idea via Amarixe (Allison Anderson) which is a lovely young lady on youtube, but she also has a blog which you can look at here where she demonstrates her version of these golden candle jars! Hers look incredibly chic so I thought I could give it a go on one of my days where I was feeling particularly crafty. I started to gather my left over candle jars and kept them in a box in my room waiting for the perfect day to use them. I ran to Michael's and bought the Martha Stewart gold liquid guilding paint which is so perfect. I already had a small paint brush, stickers, newspaper, and washi- tape (you can also use painters tape). There are SO many ways in which you can design the patterns on the jars, so you choose whichever you'd like!

I went with a more simple design with stripes and a few with my initial, symbols, and even one with fun polka dots! After taping off the jars I went ahead and painted on one layer of the gold paint, let it set and dry, then applied additional layers until I saw that it was fully coated until my liking (usually just 2-3 coats). After the paint has dried I slowly removed the tape and noticed that some of the paint was leaking beneath the tape so afterwards I just went in with an exacto knife and scraped over the edges to make the lines and the initials to look nice and clean cut.

I love that it just adds some pizzazz to your bedroom or bathroom, or any room you decide to add it to! It is great for all sorts of storage whether it be pens, cotton balls, q-tips, travel perfumes like I did, etc! You can even keep the jar lids and add cute knobs to the tops of them. I love that there is such a variety you can do with a simple candle jar of any size.

What kinds of storage would you use these for? Would you give it a try?

Taking Time to Slow Down

Taking time to slow down is not easy. Sometimes I worry so much every day about what I need to do, who I need to call, what I have to do at work, and other petty things that I forget about ME. Taking time to myself is not something that I tend to do, but once you have time to take to yourself you really find the importance of taking that time off, you know what I mean? Do you ever start to get so busy you just aren't acting like yourself anymore? AH! It's so bad! Then once you take the break and get to step back you can then analyze how things are going, what you need to adjust to, and move ahead.

Things have been really hectic for me lately, just graduating from college, getting a new job, keeping up with relationships in my life, and trying to get this blog thing going! Blogging is something that I started to do as a hobby because I love to read other peoples' blogs and I thought that it would be something I could try, but even blogging can be stressful! I think just slowing down, I can really see that blogging is about being authentic and talking about you, in a REAL way, and showing how my life REALLY is. My life is hard sometimes and sometimes it is really easy. Despite how it is going I think I've realized the importance of slowing down to check on myself. To just have a night staying in, reading, journaling, and enjoying a cup of tea despite the blazing heat. I love to do this and realign my goals in life, seek prayer, and find myself. It is easy to get lost in yourself and start to lose the good qualities you were given when you don't spend time to somewhat debrief and relax. I can't stress how important it is to get it out, release, and then move ahead, however that looks like to you.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that it is okay to get lost sometimes, and what helps me is to journal on my own and just think about my week or my past month. What has been good? What things have I accomplished? What have I done to reach my goals? Have I made goals? Just asking those really good questions to get my life moving so it doesn't just feel so routine because sometimes that can be so destructive! I've read a good quote tonight, and maybe it can speak to you too. 

"When you have what you want (inner peace), you are less distracted by your wants, needs, desires, and concerns. It's thus easier to concentrate, focus, achieve your goals, and to give back to others."
-Richard Carlson from "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and It's all the Small Stuff"

GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

I have heard so much hype hovering over the GlamGlow brand! I have had my fair share of watching videos and reading reviews on their masks and just wanted to grab a jar so quick but the price tag quickly scared me away. If you're like me, you like to just stay in your comfort zone and avoid splurging on those high price items, trying your best to find the greatest drug store/more affordable dupe or alternative to get as close as you can to the real thing! But let's be honest here, who doesn't do this? Anyway..the other day I was strolling through my local Sephora and saw on the way to check out this cute travel-size GlamGlow and thought YAY! I can finally try this out at an affordable price ($20)!! Quickly grabbed it and left the store.

I couldn't wait to get home to spread this guy all over my face! So now I will begin my ramble about all the details from how it smelt, felt, and most importantly, the RESULTS!

As I quickly ran into my bathroom, cleaned my face really well, dried, and opened up the lid I first gave it a nice whiff. Whiff? Is that appropriate? Why not. I smelt this guy and he had a very peculiar smell! It is hard to describe but it is pretty close to smelling like a very mild, muddy spearmint. Not bad. I began to spread the mask over my nose and immediately felt it's cool and tingly sensation. I started to move on, spreading it across my right cheek and started to feel the burn. Yes. A burn. It was so odd and freaked me out a little bit because I didn't test it on a small portion of my face first to see if my skin was too sensitive..I just kind of went for it! The burn was not unbearable, it was do-able but made me curious as to what exactly it was doing!

I ignored this tingly and burning sensation and went a little thinner on the rest of my face, covering my cheeks, chin, and a smaller portion of my forehead. It started to dry pretty quickly and just within 5 minutes it was completely dry. It had been seven minutes and I still feel this tingly sensation in my chin and jaw area only. It is almost like a tickle, it was quite bizarre! I let it sit for the 10 minutes like it suggested, and the burn went away as it started to dry, so it only lasted a very short while. 

Come time to wash my face I wet my finger tips and started to go in with circular motions, mixing the water with the mask. I love that it turned into a scrub quickly and I just worked with the scrub mixing it and cleaning my face like I would with a regular facial cleansing scrub. It felt really, really good like I was getting a nice deep clean. Afterwards I dried my face and went to the mirror looking for fast results! 

I felt my skin and it was soft, a little dry, and tight. My face has very large pores on my nose and cheeks surrounding my nose. After the scrub I was expecting the pores to have an immediate shrink, but did not find that solution. My pores were still quite large BUT they were clean! Very clean as with the rest of my face. I added some moisturizer and let it sink in.  

This is the claim straight from the Sephora site about this mask:
"This mud mask leaves skin noticeably radiant and glowing. It works with the body's natural moisturizing collagen to provide gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin smoother, brighter, and softer. While providing tighter skin texture and tighter pores, it provides a more youthful appearance and absorbs impurities without removing natural oils. "

I would say that my immediate and first impression results were that my face was definitely brighter, tighter, smooth, and soft most definitely. As my skin set in with the moisturizer it felt SO nice. I really feel liked that it evened out my skin's texture. Overall, I was looking for something that gave me a nice, deep, exfoliated face and it was definitely what I found. It is okay that it didn't immediately reduce my pore size but I will definitely continue to use this product and see what happens next!

What are some things you look for when trying to find a good facial masks? Do you go in looking for something skin-specific? Have you tried any of the GlamGlow masks? Comment below and share, I would love to hear!!

Great Steals at Ulta!

This past week Ulta was having a really good sale where all Loreal, NYX, Neutrogena, and Physician's Formula cosmetics were all 40% off! Whaaaaat! Such a great deal! I immediately packed my things as I closed my email from Ulta and headed down to the store. I knew only a couple things that I wanted to get my hands on which were: Benefit's new push-up liner (of course!), the Neutrogena foundation because I've always wanted to try it, NYX bronzer, and their Control Freak brow gel. The others in this picture were just some fun extras!

I seriously love everything NYX Cosmetics and have been using the bronzer and brow gel almost everyday for a week now and have been loooving it! Mario Badescu's facial spray is so lovely, and the Real Techniques foundation brush is my absolute go-to foundation brush. I have only tried the push-up liner once but fell in love almost INSTANTLY! I love Ulta and the great deals they always have to offer as well as their awesome rewards program.

Anyway, just wanted to share a fun little shopping trip I took to Ulta to pick up some things I have been coveting in the moment! I will be posting a couple reviews very soon on some of my picks so stay tuned!

Where is your favorite place to shop for your must-haves? What are some cosmetics that are on your "to-buy" list? Have you tried any of the products I have mentioned above? 
Comment and share below!